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There are a lot of things zombie fans love in every zombie media we dive into. But let us slim it down to 3 things that are common to almost every fan of this genre.


Yes, gore. I personally don’t like gore. But for some reason, I LOVE it in zombie movies and games. When I watch something explode, let it be its head or any body parts, I feel this strange satisfaction lingering from within me. I just finished watching Markiplier play Resident Evil 2 Remake, and each time he gets a zombie’s head to explode, I cheer with him. Why? Because it’s awesome! The same feeling dwells inside me whenever I play UNLIMITED in Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital. Popping heads left and right heals my soul.
It’s a strange feeling that bubbles up in every fan’s chest because zombies, are annoying, and they just swarm you, and they deserve it. You might even compare it too distressing. There was a study that talked about how games don’t make people aggressive and violent; sometimes, it even helps the gamer to release some pent up anger from a stressful day.

Same goes for gore!


Bigger isn’t always better, sometimes the lighter and sharp ones that don’t take time to reload or to hit the zombie is the better. Of course, when game developers and movies start to get creative with weapons, it brings this thrilling joy, knowing that this electric shocker bazooka will definitely kill zombies so well, it’ll be a spectacle to see.
But series like The Walking Dead or the game The Last of Us, proves that bows can be super cool in a zombie apocalypse. They aren’t noisy, and you can always reuse bows. It’s like having Legolas in a zombie apocalypse, it’s that awesome.

Guns are still fun to use, and the more guns you can use is great! Resident Evil and Death Hospital give you all kinds of guns. Whenever I get to collect all the part I need for a new gun in Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital, I suddenly feel like this badass, ESPECIALLY when the gun has more damage, and less reload time (nudges at Zombie Shooter Game Developers for a 0-1 sec reload time)

Uses of knives, bombs, and axes are also good weapons that fans love seeing used well against a zombie. Of course, this is because it gives us that sense of security that there are weapons near us that we can use in case a zombie outbreak happens and that there is actually this giant underground facility beneath our city we didn’t know of, we’ll never know.


In every zombie apocalyptic movie, show, or game, the story and characters are every fan’s way to get immersed in the zombie world presented to us. I love it when the characters make me cry, to be honest. And when a story pulls out a crazy plot twist? OH MY GOD, it’s like winning in a competition, probably better.

I have yet to uncover the story in Death Hospital apart from the earlier sector’s revelation that those who were kidnapped turned to zombies.
But stories like The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, The Last of Us, Left 4 Dead, etc…

These are just some of the examples that really takes the story and characters out there to experience all kinds of things every human being would most likely feel. Games like Resident Evil 7 Biohazard gets you to feel like the things happened to the protagonist can happen to you! And then we have tearjerkers like Telltale’s Walking Dead and The Last of Us, characters you love because of what they went through, and the story that make or break them in a seemingly hopeless world.

These are just 3 things most fans love about the zombie genre.

But what about you?

What do you love about the zombie genre?

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