30 Days Premium SG Server l low ping l TU Promos.


Pinoy Techie
30 Days Singapore Configs.
Expiration: March 14, 2019

☑ Sun
☑ Use TU50 promo and up.

☑ Fast Connect
☑ Open for Wifi/Pocket Wifi
☑ Open for Rooted
☑ Good for Gaming
☑ Good for Yôutubê
☑ Good for Browsing
☑ Good for Downloading

Note: Depende pa rin sa location and other circumstances po ang bilis ng iyong connections.

For Mobile phone:

»»EHI Config Download
»»KTR Config Download
»»OVPN Config Download

For PC/Laptop:

»»HPI Config Download

»»OVPN for PC/laptop Config Download

Username: phcserasv
Password: epiphany
Please do not use for illeg l activities such as:

☒ H@cking
☒ Torrent
☒ Ddos
☒ Carding

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