4530s Install Guide for High Sierra and Sierra


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Hey guys, yesterday i posted that i successfully installed High Sierra 10.13 on my HP Probook 4530s.
Yes, it is possible with few modifications.

First of all:
Must have Mac and downloaded High Sierra (App Store version) and Unibeast latest version so that everything can go on it's good path. 8GB USB DRIVE!!!

BIOS settings for 4530s:

Update bios to the latest version i think it's V60.1, i'm not completely sure, you can check it out in "System Information" of your bios.

-Enable UEFI
-Turn off LAN/WAN Switching
-Switchable graphics (if you have Radeon inside)
-Enable Virtualisation
-Enable Hyperthreading

For BIOS that's preety much it.

Best CPU:

-From i3 to i7 supported with your 4530s it's great to have. (NOTE THAT IF YOU HAVE Pentium B940 of B950, Intel HD graphics will not work and you may have lot's of problems booting the system).
-i3 2350m works great for me (just to mention that)

Creation of USB installer:

-Open up Disk Utility and format the USB to GUID partition table and Mac os Extended Journaled (BE CAREFULL WITH SELLECTION!)

-After formating your USB, close the Disk Utility and open up the Unibeast.
-Do not sellect Inject ATI or Nvidia because you can't use it in your 4530s (well that worked for me that way)
-After creating your USB drive, take USB mouse and keyboard because you will need it later for Installer screen to install OSX.
-Download this EFI and replace it on your USB/EFI (mount it with Clover Configurator and just replace the complete EFI folder).

Link for EFI: http://rpsx.eu/lBqo

-After you done this you are ready to put the stick in 4530s.

Boot and Installation:

-When you turn on your laptop press F9 and boot manager will come up.
-Sellect “Boot from EFI file” then sellect USB/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi and Clover will come up. Press “space” bar and sellect down -Verbose mode and come up and sellect boot with sellected options.
-High Sierra installer will boot eventually! (if not, contact me)
-Typical installation of High Sierra, just format the Hard Drive and install the OSX.
-This first installation is only copying the necessary files from USB to HDD.
-When that is complete, boot again to Clover on your USB and select HDD drive on the screen called “Install macOS High Sierra Installer” i think it’s called like that, and it will boot to complete installation.
-MAYBE it will restart 1 time for no reason but second time it will install system with Apple logo and progress bar with text in the bottom.
-After that is complete boot again with USB Clover to macOS partition you installed HS and wait and then, setup your mac.

Post installation:

{Medium part}

-Download this .zip: http://rpsx.eu/RgKT
-Extract zip on your desktop and open up the folder.
-Use Kext Wizzard to install all the kexts included for touchpad and keyboard, wifi and other things.
-After that, install Clover for UEFI and just mount that EFI partition because it doesn’t matter which options you sellected.
-Use Clover Configurator (Vibrant edition is better but classic is still great for this purpose to Mount EFI and just replace some files)
-When you mounted the EFI partition with Clover Configurator, open up the EFI partition and replace the files from the folder u got from second zip file.
-After that, just restart and unplug USB keyboard and mouse and you are ready to go.


If system reboots when you try to boot to OSX partition after all this steps, just try again it will work 100%.

Thank you for following my guide. <3

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