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Before our present "Makabagong Alpabetong Filipino",we had the "Abakada".but way before that,our native writing is in "Baybayin" script which later on mistakenly renamed as "Alibata"-(which is derived from the first 3 letters of the arabic alphabet.)

The Baybayin script has 3 symbols which represent the five vowels a,e,i,o,u.

and basically,there are 14 symbols for consonants:ba,ka,da,ga,ha,la,ma,na,nga,pa,sa,ta,wa and ya.(See chart)
notice that vowels are single letters only while consonants consist of 2 letters each and they always end with a vowel.
for better understanding let's divide the consonants into 2sets:
consonants that ends with "A" are the basic symbols:ba,ka,da,ga,ha,la,ma,na and so on. ex. M,D,N in baybayin are Ma,Da,Na.

2nd set are the same with the 1st,only it has a hash mark or kudlit (some uses a dot or arrow head instead of kudlit).
this mark differentiates these 2nd set from the 1st.
when a kudlit is placed above a symbol,this consonant will end with a vowel "E or I".
so consonants like Ma,Da,Na would look like these:

and it would read as "me-de-ne"or "mi-di-ni" and when a kudlit is placed below a symbol,this consonant will have "O or U" vowel sound.thus Ma,Da,Na becomes "mo-do-no"or"mu-du-nu"

The letter "R" don't have a unique symbol in early baybayin script.but it is represented by the "DA"symbol

then later on,a symbol for "R" was added in other variations of the script.this specific symbol was proposed by one of authorities in baybayin modernization,Norman Delos santos and is now widely used and accepted in baybayin communities.



aside from kudlit mark a cross "+"sign or "virama" is added below a consonant symbol.
the purpose of this is to omit the vowel sound from each consonant thus making it a single letter.
ex. Ma,Da,Na will become M,D,N

so how does your name look like in baybayin?
To give you an idea let me show you with my username "MEDAN"

the fun with our script is that words can be written in different ways possible.MEDAN can be written in 4ways,this is how it looks:




How it works:
looking at the chart,basic symbols for MEDAN are Ma,Da,Na

but if we convert each letter of the word,

kung babasahin ay ganito "ma-e-da-a-na"hindi "me-dan".gaya rin ng word na BOTE at IBON

iba na pag binasa kasi nga by syllable ang pagbasa sa baybayin letters.kaya pag sinalin ang word like MEDAN sa baybayin,hindi letra por letra kundi per username has 2syllables "me/dan" basic characters:see fig.12 w/ kudlit above

w/kudlit below

now what symbols do we use?ibabase natin sa sound ng word hindi sa spelling instead of looking for m,e,d,a,n in baybayin chart,we look for "me","da" and "n" so we use

ngayon ang gagawin natin para maging "ME" yung "MA" symbol, -> lagyan ng kudlit sa ibabaw.

now, the last letter of the 2nd syllable "dan" in me/dan have consonant "n"pero wala ng kasunod na early baybayin rules,ang word na consonant ang dulo na wala ng karugtong na vowel,ang last letter na yun ay di na, MEDAN = MEDA

that's why nang sakupin tayo ng mga kastila,they modified our original Baybayin script because of their difficulty in reading it as well as writing foreign words into baybayin.(see spanish modified baybayin script) dito nagiging single letter na lang ang mga consonants kaya ang word na BOTE at IBON,ngayon ay ganito na isulat:


NOTE:if we use the spanish modification,use it along with the original script. Therefore, my username MEDAN in Baybayin with spanish modification looks like this:

much clearer to read in our time.

>kung pano bigkasin ang word,ganun din ang pag salin sa baybayin.
Ex. Tricycle= Traysikel



but if you really insist on transliterating every single letter of the word,use the spanish modification.
Ex. Beautiful=Beautipul

BUT IT'S NOT PROPER AND PRACTICAL,maling translation na and space consuming pa.pahirapan mo lang sarili mo.

kaya dun tayo sa tamang pagbaybay.i translate muna sa tagalog (MA-GA-N-DA) and then saka iconvert sa baybayin

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