AMD GPU- How to fix yellow Exclamation mark from Device Manager

How to Fix AMD GPU

A video card is a component on your computer that process data to create graphics thus providing an image. The main components of a video card are memory and core, both of these run at specific frequencies that determine in the most part their performance. To be able to work properly a video card needs power which is provided from the slot it’s connected, however there are some video cards that will require extra power from the power supply.

This procedure is for those who already installed the latest driver form AMD website. And with latest OS version but still have this error.

If you are not using the official GPU driver, uninstall first using DDU. Click this link to download Download DDU . After that, install the latest GPU driver from AMD Website

Display Driver uninstaller (DDU) is a driver utility programs that allows you to remove all traces of NVIDIA, AMD and INTEL display and audio drivers from windows.

Check your OS version if updated, for windows 10 at least 1803.

Here’s how to check your OS version.

Having update driver version and latest OS version but still you have yellow exclamation mark error on your Device manager here’s the solution.

Download atikmdag patch click here to download extract and run the patch. Restart your computer after patch was applied.

Check device manager and your done.!!!

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