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Videocardz just release some info about AMD Zen upcoming cpu RYZEN this will feature 8-Core 16-Thread clocking at 3.4 GHz+ with 20 L2 + L3 Cache initially code named Summit Ridge.

We have all been waiting patiently for some serios competetiton against Intel's domination in the cpu market hopefully this is the comeback for AMD we have been waiting for.

Precision Boost
- Works in tandem with Pure Power control loop to optimize performance
- On the fly clock adjustments without halts or queue drains
- High precision turning with 25 MHZ increments

Pure Power
- Monitors temperature, speed and voltage
- Adaptive control manages real time for lower power usage
- close loop control with infinity fabric

Smart Prefetch
- Anticipates the location of future data accesses by application code
- Sophisticated learning algorithms model and learn application data access patterns
- Pref etches vital data into local cache so its ready for immediate use

Extended Frequency Range
- Permits frequencies above and beyond ordinary precision boost limits
- Clock speed scales with cooling solution: air, water, and LN2
- Fully automated; no user intervention required

There is no current announcement regarding the price and released date or any bench marking as we have to wait for zen

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