Android Basic Functions and Features


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Press and hold home button to show Task Manager. This shows recently used apps. In Android 3.0/4.0, there will be dedicated soft key for recent apps which appear in thumbnails.
Benefits - This will let you switch from one app to another easily without searching it in app drawer. The good thing is when you exiting (not closing) an app, it's still running in background

Account Sync

Once you installed social apps like Facebook or Twitter etc., you will be prompted a sync all, sync existing contacts, no sync
Benefits - You will no longer add one by one contact or search for it in particular app. Example you have contact in Facebook, the contact includes his/her number, just search it in search button (not in Facebook app).Search


Some Android phones have dedicated soft key for search function and Galaxy series its in menu button (press and hold). In general, there is a google search widget out of the box.


There are a dedicated keys for these functions. When you press back button you are actually closing the particular app. When you press home button you are exiting from app and not closing it.


These are the live presentation of a particular app. Example is weather widget.

Home Screen and Panels

Number of panels in home screen depends on Android version and phone model. You can switch from one screen to another. You can add/remove panels and add/remove widgets in a panel.


This is located at the top of the screen. You drop it down and you will see list of notifications from messages, active chat application to download progress. Music player and fm radio can also be located here when active.


Para maka install ng paid apps for free(outside Market)
Search ka sa google ng gusto mong application. Ganito ang pag search, halimbawa type: Order and Chaos apk. Mas maganda kung laging may apk(file extension for installer) sa huli.
O kaya gawin mong alternative market ang Black Market Alpha. Download HERE
Para ma maximize ang battery life
Kung di ka pa rooted, ito mga pwede mong gawin:
Turn off wifi, bluetooth at gps pag di kailangan
Settings-->Display. Reduce screen brightness.
Settings-->Account and sync-->untick background data
Disable Fast Dormancy, dial mo to *#9900# (Note:Makakaapekto ito sa Data connection )
Kung ROOTED na ang device mo, ito ang mga pwede mo pang gawin:
Flash Custom ROM
Flash Custom Kernel
Freeze apps using TB, dito makikita list kung anu ano ang pwede iremove at ifreeze

i-Hide ang mga files
Go to sdcard -> More/Setting - >Untick Show hidden files
Ilagay ang file sa isang folder. Rename mo ang folder na may tuldok sa unahan. Halimbawa .Music

Avoid using apps
-ROM Manager
-Task Killer

Android Useful Codes (Some may not be working)

Phone, Battery, Data Usage Information

LCD Test

Factory Reset

Change End Call/Power button action

PDA, Phone, CSC, Build Time, Sim card number

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