Android Problems and Fixes


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1. Bootloop (Can't open - stock in boot logo)
How to recover from a bootloop?

Try this suggested fix one by one to prevent losing of important data or files.

If you have CWM Recovery try this:

1. Clear data cache, if not working try next;
2. Clear dalvik cache,
3. Clear battery stats
4. Fix permission
5. Flash flashable zip of stock app, if you know what apk have problem
6. Format data (factory reset)
7. Reflash ROM

If you don't have recovery, then you have to flash the stock firmware.

8. Flash the stock firmware

2. Can't send Message/ Message sending failed

Can't send message even you have load?
This usually happen after formatting.

Suggest Fix:

Goto Messaging, press menu select Settings>Text Message(SMS)>SMS Service Center> then choose Globe or Smart:

If Globe type 12
If Smart type +639180000101

3. How to fix “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” errors after pushing any SystemUI.apk

This fix will work only kung nag push ka ng any modded SystemUI.apk.
Kung hindi ka nag push pero nag stop try Wiping the system UI cache.

**Reason of errors:
Hindi compatible ang na push mo na SystemUI.apk or merong mali na pag ka modify.

Magpush ng stock SystemUI.apk na para sa ROM na gamit mo ngayon.
Or kung may backup flashable stock SystemUI.apk ka, flash mo lang.

1. Pindutin ang "OK" and iopen ang Root Explorer pindutin padin ng pindutin hanggang makapunta ka sa ../system/app/ kung kitkat firmware sa ../system/priv-app Go down at idelete yung "SystemUI.apk"

2. Pagkatapos mong madelete yung SystemUI.apk titigil na yung error nyan.

3. Now kung nai backup mo yung stock SystemUI.apk mo i push mo lang yun, kung wala ka nun pero meron ka pang ROM nyang gamit mo extract mo lang yun at kunin yung SystemUI.apk at i push.

4. I push mo yung stock SystemUI.apk at change the permission dapat
rw-r--r-- . then reboot.

4. How To Fix Playstore No Connection
we have now google playstore fixed tuturial for
no connection error..
using root explorer or any similar explorer with
root the following:
1.go to /data/system/ (backup ur account.db
first or just rename to account.db.bak)
3.after google playstore then
relogin your gmail account. your playstore is now loaded and now
5.go back to /data/system and delete
account.db or just rename account.db.bak to
account.db and overwrite existing.
6.reboot again...
now your playstore is now working..
if still no connection try again error occur...just
repeat the step but this time delete
account.db.bak and remain the new database.

5. Alternative way How to fix Rooting Half Success:-/, 60%, 80% rooted. Using PC.

This is for those who cant install CWM, because of failing to root.

You have to flash CWM using Splash tool.

> Download CWM Recovery + SuperSU ZIP7.3MB

Download SplashTool kung wala pa kayo.

> Ung nadownload nyo na zip, extract nyo sa desktop para madali hanapin..

>Now open Flash tool folder andopen Flash_tool.exe, then click scatter-loadingat hanapin ung MT6582_Android_scatter naandun sa folder ng kaeextract mo na ZIP.

Click mo ung MT6582_Android_scatter.
Then makesure na RECOVERY lang ang naka check, Then click Download

> Off your phone then Unplug and replug ung cable. (make sure naka debugging mode padin ha para msdali madetect)

> Hintayin matapos. Kapag nag kameron ngBOX at may Circle na green. Successful na un.Unplug the cable.

Installing CWM Successful!!!

Now copy nyo yung SuperSU na zip sa SDcard or internal storage the reboot to CWM at i flash ang SuperSU. Done.

6. How to fix "Invalid EMEI" after wiping/format or flashing ROM.

1. First root mo muna phone mo.
2. Download & Install MobileUncle
3. Open Mobile Uncle & Select Engineer Mode MTK
4. Select CDS Information from the Connectivity tab
5. Select Radio Information
6. Select the SIM you wish to change the IMEI

7. sa AT+ line for SIM 1, Ganito ang ilalagay:
AT+EGMR=1,7,"(sim1 EMEI # mo)"


Tapos click ung "SEND AT COMMAND"

8. For SIM 2, ganito naman:
AT+EGMR=1,10,"sim2 EMEI # mo"



9. Reboot CP

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