Android Psiphon Troubleshooting if not working

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    here are some basic troubleshooting if your Psiphon is not working correctly in android

    Connection Failed
    If you see repeated "connection failed" messages, it means that there are no available servers that your client knows about. Try to download a new Psiphon client.

    Unreliable or inconsistent Internet connection to your device mean losing reception

    Upgrade Error: start_tunnel_failed application is not prepared or revoked
    1. Establish VPN connection using any VPN app. VpnService.prepare() will return an intent for the "Connection request" system activity. Once user accepts it, VPN connection can be established successfully.
    2. Uninstall VPN app.
    3. Re-install the same VPN app.
    4. Now VpnService.prepare() returns null, as if the VPN service has been already prepared.
    5. Now VpnService.protect() returns false and VPN connection fails.
    Device reboot is needed in order to be able to establish VPN connection again.