[A]bsolutely [N]ot [Y]our [A]verage BASIC with IDE

AnyaBASIC is a portable Interpreted Programming Language made in Java. It has a syntax similar to BASIC with a bit of C, Javascript and PASCAL thrown in.

This is a “Toy Language”, so don’t expect much. However, while this started as a “joke”, this language evolved into something which is capable of doing a lot more(games, graphics, etc). It’s also a language whose keywords are in English so it should be a good language to use in teaching kids how to program. [ANYA BASIC]

AnyaBASIC uses the MIT license. That means it’s free to use for either non-commercial or commercial purposes.


  • Very easy to use
  • Case insensitive
  • As loosely-typed as any language can get
  • Easy to figure out with clean syntax
  • Uses very few global keywords
  • Fast(for an interpreter made in an interpreted language)
  • Portable
  • Graphics capable
  • Full hardware acceleration [AnyaBasic Git Hub]
Preview of Anya Basic IDE

Download Link: (6.09 MB) Includes Anya Basic and IDE

AnyaBASIC IDE includes AnyaBasic 0.5.2 (Latest Ver: 12 / 20/ 2016)

If you want to learn more Visit:

Github of AnyaBasic Programming Language

About the IDE

Light Theme
Dark Theme
  • Supports Different Case (UpperCase, LowerCase, APStyleCase, Pascal Case) since Anya basic is case insensitive
  • Change Theme to Dark Theme or Light Theme
  • More Keywords for Intellisense
  • Include Samples
  • More Shortcut Keys
CTRL + I –> IF
CTRL + W –> While
CTRL + R –> Repeat
CTRL + T –> Type
CTRL + F –> function
CTRL + S –> Start End
CTRL + P –> Print
CTRL + 1 –> Init Var
CTRL + 2 –> Init Var String
CTRL + 3 –> Init Var num
CTRL + 4 –> Init empty arr
CTRL + 5 –> Init Arr
CTRL + 6 –> Init VAR arr2d[row][col]
CTRL + M –> Comment
F10 –> Change Theme

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