Apple AirPods The Flawed Perfection


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Well, we have all seen AirPods get ridiculed by the tech gods for it's looks, price and what not but only to be taken back once they have used it enough. There is certain magic in the way AirPods has been designed with usability and convenience being the core points it addresses. Be it the ease at which it connects to your iOS devices or the way it automatically starts/stops playing when plugged into or removed from ears or how seamless it gets charged from the case to give a lot longer overall battery life or the super convenient case in itself. There isn't one competitor that offers it all with a well balanced approach like the AirPods does.


Yes, there are many better alternative if someone is keen on one particular factor. There are ones that provide better sound, ones that provide better noise cancellation, ones that provide better battery life etc,. but when you combine all the factors nothing can beat AirPods.

All the 2nd best put together gives you the best!

My journey - got the AirPods (first gen) right after a few months post launch for the first time and used it at random occasions. Eventually, my major usage has always been in the gym for which my major complaints were lack of noise cancellation and certified water proofing to protect them from excessive sweating. So gave the AirPods to my wife after a few months and started using a few wired sports specific earphones only to be disappointed eventually.


My last bet was on a Bose QC35. It was a great pair of headphones that offer amazing noise cancellation but then, it ends there. My ears totally feel like suffocated with such tight sealing, I often see loads of sweat being accumulated around my ears once I remove my headphones, the tight seal used to give be a headache after sometime, I wear spectacles and it's quite difficult to wear the headphones without messing with the way my spectacles rest on my face, it's an absolute mess to wipe sweat off my face with the bulky headphones on and my spectacles in between. Just too much of hassle that's affecting my workouts eventually. I had to let go of it!

Now, after all these months, I am back to AirPods yet again. Yes, all the background noise in the gym is still disturbing me when I use the airpods but compared to the inconvenience faced using other alternatives AirPods still prove to be the best option for me. As far as sweat goes, used the previous pair for 7 months and my excessive sweating didn't conk them so hoping the new ones last too.

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