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Newbie / New to ASUS Zenfone 5 Support Group please read this. This is a summary of Frequently Asked Questions that might help in answering the common issues or problems that you might encounter with your Zenfone 5 (or either Zenfones 4 and 6).

QUESTION: pano po mag screenshot?
ANSWER: phone settings > asus customized settings > recent app key > choose tap and hold to capture OR asus cutomized settings > quick settings option > check screenshot > save, you must see "screenshot" on the quick setting panel after this OR hold down power button together with volume down until capture.

QUESTION: pano tanggalin ang vibrate ng notifs ng apps
ANSWER: pwede mong idisable ang vibrate sa app mismo like FB and FB Messenger. While sa ASUS Messaging nman open ASUS Messaging app > menu or ung 3 vertical dots > settings > notifications > vibration > never.

QUESTION: bkt hndi lumalabas ung bilog na window pag gamit ko ung flip cover?
ANSWER: make sure Flip Cover options is enabled. Go to phone settings > ASUS Customized settings > check Flip Cover. NOTE: make sure ung flip cover mo is original or kung hindi man make sure may magnet sa lower right(inner side) ung cover nung case which is nakatapat below the back button (gets?)

QUESTION: how to add/remove apps sa stock lock screen (ung shortcut ng Cam, Dialer, Messaging-default)
ANSWER: go to phone settings > Lock screen > quick access ON/OFF. Tap on Quick access to change the apps.

QUESTION: kelangan ba iupdate ang firmware / OS?
ANSWER: yes, para mafix ung mga issues / bugs. May mga apps na di optimized para sa old versions ng OS nafifix un sa pagupdate. Nafifix din ang issues sa batt in some updates. But before updating take time reading first the change logs or threads ng update sa group para kung mas malala ang bug sa new update eh hindi ka na dumagdag sa mga namomroblema dahil nagupdate ka kaagad.

QUESTION: bakit di madetect ng PC ko ang Zenfone ko?
ANSWER: go to settings > storage > tap on the USB icon on the upper right corner of the screen > Check MTP

QUESTION: bakt di ko mainstall tong app na to?
ANSWER: some app grants accessibilty on your phone. Turn it off first before uninstalling. Go to phone settings > Accesibility > under Services look for the app that you want to uninstall (basically those are lock screen apps, power saving apps) > tap on it and turn OFF accessibilty > uninstall app

QUESTION: bakit di ako makainstall ng downloaded apps/apks na hindi galing sa play store?
ANSWER: this is to protect your phone from unwanted apps that might gather information from your phone. Go to phone settings > security > check Unknown Sources > install your app

QUESTION: bakit ang hina ng sounds(loud speaker) ng zenfone ko?
ANSWER: open audio wizzard app > turn ON > choose Gaming mode (mas malakas ang sounds pag nakagaming mode OR remove your Zenfone's back cover and remove the sticker/filter that covers the holes.

QUESTION: naghahang po ung FB Messenger ko bakit po ganun?
ANSWER: open FB Messenger app > settings tab > turn OFF chat heads

QUESTION: compatible po ba 2k15 sa zenfone?
ANSWER: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! hindi pa supported as of now.

QUESTION: may HDMI support po ba si Zenfone?

QUESTION: pano itest ung mga hardware ni zenfone?(mic, sd card slot, sim slot, volume, physical buttons, sensors etc)
ANSWER: open STOCK Calculator > input ".12345+" (with out " ") > equal sign

QUESTION: how to change notification sounds?
ANSWER: open File Manager > create a folder in your Internal Memory > name it Notifications > place the files inside. (Syempre hindi ka maglalagay ng vid/pic dun kase for notif nga e). Now go to phone settings > Sound > under Notifications > choose the Notif where you want your customized sound to be applied

QUESTION: meron bang transparent FB para kita ko ung background/launcher ko while using fb?
ANSWER: YES check it sa files ng group.

QUESTION: meron bang transparent launcher?
ANSWER: WAIT WHAT???! o_O You mean gusto mo makita nasa loob ng phone mo LOL? meron sa PS pero havent tried. Corny. Uses camera para mukhang transparent. JEJEJEJEJE.

QUESTION: kailan ang lollipop update?
ANSWER: it's already out but only through manual update. No OTA at this moment. Search within the group for tutorials on how to update manually.

QUESTION: pano tanggalin ung auto update ng apps?
ANSWER: open Google Play Store > tap menu or the 3 short bars > settings > tap auto-update apps > choose do not auto auto-update apps

QUESTION: anong app maganda pang download ng music?
ANSWER: TTPOD meron sa files

QUESTION: anong app maganda pang download ng movies?
ANSWER: SHOWBOX meron sa files OR uTorrent

QUESTION: pano magdl ng video from youtube?
ANSWER: copy the URL of the vid > open on a browser > paste the URL then tap/click download

QUESTION: pano iset sa WCDMA only?
ANSWER: dial "*#*#4636#*#*" (with out " ") > phone information > on the drop down list box choose WCDMA only

QUESTION: anong gamit ng Greenify? Pwede ba sa non-rooted?
ANSWER: for hibernating apps, this will keep them from running in the background and will somehow help in conserving battery juice. Yes, pwede sa non-rooted. While donation pack is much better but for rooted devices only

QUESTION: anong gamit ng Shut App? Pwede ba sa non-rooted?
ANSWER: nasa name nya na mismo. To shutdown apps that runs in the background this will somehow help in conserving battery juice. Yes, pwede sa non-rooted.

QUESTION: how to show the Developer options?
ANSWER: go to phone settings > about > software > tap build number 7 times
NOTE: for some reason this is hidden by default kase pde kang may magalaw dito na pdeng magresult sa hindi mo magugustuhan. So alam mo na.

QUESTION: double tap to wake supported po ba si Zenfone?

QUESTION: nabubugbog power button ko anong pwedeng gawin?
ANSWER: download apps which uses the proximity sensors to lock/unlock your phone OR download All in one gestures from playstore > open the app > hard keys tab > enable allows user to customize the physical keys > under home key check single tap > choose Home > then check long press > choose screen off. Tap and hold home button to lock screen.
NOTE: mas okay ang all in one gesture kase medyo may effect sa batt ang apps na gumagamit ng proximity sensors.

QUESTION: di umiilaw ung LED indicator ko pag may notif bakit gnun? / pano i-ON ang LED indicator.
ANSWER: check if LED indicator is enabled. Go to phone settings > display > check LED indicator

QUESTION: bakit di ako makadl sa play store? Insufficient storage daw.
ANSWER: eh kase insufficient nga daw e. free some space. Must be 700mb - 800mb ang free. Of course depende pa sa dina-download mong app.

QUESTION: bakit kahit anong app buksan ko yellowish ang screen ko?
ANSWER: Open Splendid app and check your color temperature settings. Lower values gives you a blueish display while higher values gives you a yellowish display OR go to phone settings > display > check if reading mode is enabled > turn OFF

QUESTION: sira ung ganto gnyan ko. Dadalhin ko na ba to sa Service Center?
ANSWER: NOOOO!! check it first by yourself by opening stock calculator > input ".12345+" (without " ") > equal sign. Check mo muna dyan kung ano ang hindi gumagana sa mga hardware before going to SCs. Kung FAIL tlga ang results then rip zenfone. SC mo na. Or if under warranty pa simulan mo ng bumyahe papunta sa binilhan mo

QUESTION: Google Play Store errors, "Error retrieving from server RPC S-7; AEC-0" OR "Error retrieving from server RPC S-3; AEC-0"

ANSWER: check if GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES is also updated. This is neccessary so dont leave it outdated. Update then try redownloading the app you wish to be downloaded. If it doesnt work go to phone settings > account > remove the account that you use in the play store. Then, go back to phone settings > Apps > under "All" tab look for google play services, google play, and google services framework. Clear cache and data whatever is applicable for the three >Restart phone > now again go to phone settings > accounts > add google account (the one you're using in the play store before) > open Google Play Store > redownload the app you wish to be downloaded.

NOTE: DON'T FORGET TO UPDATE FIRST YOUR GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. Or if the above instructions still doesn't work then try reading it here ( ) and follow the advance tutorials given in the link.

QUESTION: bkt po yellowish ang cam ng zenny ko?
ANSWER: wag puro auto ang ISO. Explore at pagaralan kung kelan dapat magtweak ng ISO and EV. Decrease ISO if there is too much lighting(outdoor) and increase during poor lighting conditions(indoor).
NOTE: too much ISO will increase the noise(white dots) on your photos.

QUESTION: nagstuck po sa xx% ung battery ko while charging ano pong gagawin?
ANSWER: Remove charger. Shut down your phone and let it cool down for a while. Turn ON and plug in. If it doesn't help try different charger baka nasira na ung orig charger mo. Or try different cable.

QUESTION: di ko po maset sa 3g ung network ko after updating pano po gagawin?
ANSWER: it's a known bug for the latest software update (build# © to Kahlee Cortez for the fix. Go to phone settings > Data sim card settings > under Sim Card Information set Data Service Network to SIM2 > Go back to phone settings > More > Mobile network > Preferred Data type > set it to 2g/3g > if it works go back to Sim Card Info > Data Service Network and set it back to SIM1 > repeat all the steps and you should now be able to set your preferred data type to 3g for SIM1.

Or try if working yung sa hindi mapalitan ng 3g yung 2g. just disable and re-enable sim 2 kung naka on yung dalawa. then palit ng 3g. or enable sim 2 if naka disable. and palit ng 3g. no need to change preferred data sim. ©Rogel Monteiro

QUESTION: otg ready ba si Zenfone?

QUESTION: How do I make apps grouped into one folder?
ANSWER: First, update asus Launcher on the Play Store, then on your home screen drag an icon on top of another to make a folder OR in the App drawer tap the 3 vertical dots and select Smart Group to automatically group your apps into folders then tap and hold a folder to add it to your home screen.

QUESTION: How to remove the words above the keyboard?
ANSWER: Go to Settings > Language & input > ASUS Keyboard gear icon > Show word suggestions > Always hide.

QUESTION: Should I update all ASUS ZenUI apps?
ANSWER: Not necessarily. If you want to conserve internal memory, update the ASUS apps that you frequently use such as PixelMaster Camera, Keyboard, Messaging, Dial Screen, Contacts, Gallery.

QUESTION: How to change fonts?
ANSWER: Your Z5 must be rooted first, then download any font manager apps, like iFont. ©Charlon

QUESTION: gumagana ba XMOD?
ANSWER: sa ngayon hindi pa supported si zenfone ©Admin Neil

QUESTION: Wala po ba tlgang light ung capacitive buttons / navigation buttons / pindutan ung back, home at recent key?
ANSWER: Non-backlit so wala. Kapaan sa dilim sanayan lang yan.

SPECIAL QUESTION: Bakit di ko mabuksan mga link sa thread na to?
ANSWER: not my problem anymore, magpaload ng makapagbukas ng external links. This is a "Summary" so hindi lahat nakalagay dto.

***NOTE: Guys hindi porket may nakita kayong sira sa hardware ng phone nyo service center na agad. Gamitin nyo muna ung pangtest ng hardware. (Nasaan? Magbasa sa taas) kung ayaw tlga at kung wala kayong makitang makasagot sa problema nyo.

That's the time na need nyo na ipacheck sa SC. Nakikita ko kase sa iba example walang sound SC agad.

Check nyo muna ang mga bagay bagay. bago magpaSC

*Sana makatulong sa mga bago at nahihirapang magbackread ng malalim*

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