Asus Zenfone Concept Store at Glorietta


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Asus Philippines opens a concept store for their zenphone line up in Glorietta 2, Makati City with a weird mascot.
The concept store showcases accessories and most of all the recent Zenphone devices.


(Left to Right are Weird Mascot, Morris Tan, ASUS Philippines Retail Manager, Carmen and Benjamin Tapnio,Owners of Fonetyle, George Su, ASUS Philippines System Group Country Manager, Michael Tan, Owner of Eastspark, Lenny Lin, ASUS Philippines Smartphone Product Manager, Japee Ongkingco, Director of Mobility of MSI-ECS)

ASUS Philippines System Group Country Manager George Su said:
“Zenfone has become a game changer in the smartphone landscape in the Philippines when it was introduced in August 2014. Opening the first Zenfone concept store is a direct manifestation of our success and continued support to our fans locally…we deeply appreciate the loyalty and continued support from all our dealers, media partners and consumers in the Philippines and we promise to offer more ground-breaking innovations and products that empower Filipinos.”

Talking about the elphant in the room thats a weird mascot we are not aware of Asus having this brand identity or its from another store or company.

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