Asus Zenfone Max How to get FREE paid themes


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Guys, I was busy all day yesterday because of my report. It took me all day so now I have free time and write down a tut


How to get any paid theme on ZenUI theme store freely
1.Make sure that your Max are already rooted and installed xposed.if you didn't do that before, see on pinned post.

2.(optional) Grant root for all apps
-Open supersu, switch to "settings" tab.
-Select on "default access" and choose "grant".

3. Install busybox.
-Search it on Google play store and download it.
-Open busybox, select on "install" button.
-Reboot your Max.

3.Install lucky patcher and activate lucky patcher module on xposed
-Download at here: -Install it.
-Open xposed, select "modules" and tick the box to activate lucky patcher module.
-Reboot your Max.

4.Make sure that ZenUI themes app's version lower than the version work with me. Check on apps manager in settings, if you see a higher version, select on "uninstall updates" button.

Version for anyone who need

5.Download paid themes.
-Open ZenUI theme store, choose any paid theme you want.
-Select on buy button at the bottom. Now the lucky patcher's window opens instead of Google in-app purchase box.
-tick on "save purchase for restore" and select "yes".
-Then that theme will be download , you can see the download process on status bar.
-finally, apply and use


Good luck


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The lucky patcher application download is very helpful for users. In the future, I can freely download games and applications without thinking about fees.
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