Asus Zenfone Max Multitasking


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Enjoying multitasking on my rooted zenfone max. Here i am going to tell you procedure how to do this:

1. You must be on marshmallow and your device must be rooted.
2. You must have a file manager with root access. (i.e. root explorer)
3. Open root explorer, go to system/ build.prop
4. Open build.prop and scroll down to end, now add a new line at bottom


5. Now save it and reboot phone.

Multitasking is now activated on your phone.
Now open 2 or more apps and tap on recent app key you will see a new icon near clear icon on. (see in marked ss)

Tap on it new icon, you will see 3 options as shown in ss.
1st is for top screen, 2nd is for bottom screen and 3rd is for full screen mode.


I hope now you will understand.


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