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I get a lot of numerous inquiries about PC building let's do it this way before you post something , ALWAYS STATE THE PURPOSE OF THE BUILD/UPGRADE keep that in mind guys para mas mapadali kayo makapag decide at mabigyan ng build

Please bump the post for awareness thanks guys! :) i hope this helps

Are you building your 1st ?
Always state if you need the tower/system unit only, or you need the complete package tower/system unit with peripherals and monitor and how much money would you like to spend

Just upgrading your current setup ?
Subukan mo tignan un gamit mo now on what part of the system is lacking in performance ? like is the CPU not enough to do my delay task? is the RAM not enough to allocate the apps that I'm using? is the GPU not giving enough FPS in my current games? yan yun mga bagay na dapat isaalang alang mo

unless you wanna upgrade all post the specs at para mabigyan ka ng suggestions , upgrade ka yun tipong leap over dun sa dati mong gamit para mas sulit

In example : I'm using Core i3 3rd generation build i want to try out the latest like go for a Core i5 8th generation

not like this : I'm using a Core i5 3rd generation and you go for a Intel Pentium G4600 with RGB kasi trending lol (well it's still up to you lol)

Pedeng OO - kung sa bibilhin mong part ay magagamit mo yun para di sayang warranty, OO kung case wala naman warranty madalas

Pedeng HINDI - kasi kung bibili ka tapos tingi tingi lang hanggat sa mabuo sayang kasi yun warranty/replacement ng mga item kaya kung ako sayo ipunin mo na lang at isang bagsakan mo bilhin para mas ma enjoy mo pa

San ba madalas nabili ng PC Parts?
-Dynaquest PC
-PC Express
-JDM Computers
-PC Option

saka un basic compatibility ng parts always check the website, wag spoon feeding


Pinoy Techie
Nagpa-advice ng build at nagpaturo na rin yung isang friend ko. Since hindi madalas magtugma yung time namin, I decided to make a PC Building Guide for him which, in my opinion, malaki rin ang matutulong sa group na to lalo na sa mga newbie natin jan na walang masyadong alam pagdating sa ganito.

PC BUILDING GUIDE with budget PC Build:

1. The purpose of this guide is to help those people na sobrang konti palang yung nalalaman sa PC Building.

2. The "budget" build in this guide comes from my personal recommendation. Alam ko kaya pang bumuo ng mas mura pa dito pero kinonsider ko yung comfort ng user sa paggamit. I am aware na maganda naman yung i3 and pentium ngayon but we are architecture students and i3 will never be enough para sa mga kailangan namin gawin.

3. Another purpose is to ESTABLISH a clear standard of what a "Middle Tier and Budget Build" is like. In my honest opinion, I think the system I built in this guide is a solid mid-tier budget PC. Not too cheap to sacrifice performance and productivity. Not too expensive that it will be almost impossible to build. Most PC builds disregard the intense work load of productivity apps and instead focus on building a Gaming PC.

4. The terms and explanations used were intentionally "dumbed down". Since this guide is intented for total NOOBS, it is pointless to bombard them with a lot of information they may never need. This guide only serves as a starting point and the decision to learn more comes from them.

5. The terms used may have incorrect or non-factual explanation. It is for the sake of simplicity and I assure you that some of them are not completely wrong.

6. Both the BUILD and the GUIDE have much more to improve and I am open to all of your opinions and suggestions.

7. If you see something COMPLETELY WRONG, please do not hesitate to point it out in the comments section so that I can update the guide accordingly.
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