Brother Ink Cartridge Hack

This might be helpful sa mga nagtethesis jan, lalong lalo na using brother printers. Napapansin natin na madaling mag notify si brother na low ink level, at very hassle kung di na madetect si cartridge or no ink ng kahit yung isang kulay lang kasi hindi ka na talaga makaka printa. Well, meron pang konting natira sa ink tank nyan.


Inspired by my financial status today, nalaman ko na walang accurate na sensor ang cartridge ng brother printers. They are using some-sort-of-gauge na visible sa cartridge. Are they using infrared? Lazuurrs? I don't know.

So basically, what you will need is a simple something to cover the Cartridge's some-sort-of-gauge. What I used is an electrical tape. This will trick the printer.

P.S You're probably gonna mute the video, the background music may annoy you. So please do. It's my keep-me-calm music.

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