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If you are sick of social media fake news, satire and click baits well there is web browser plugin for that. The plugin does not block the site but instead includes a warning overlay notification


The domains being detected by BS detector are being compiled and updated regularly if you want to check those list you can view here this links are actually being reviewed reputed academics. The plugin is currently available for Chrome and Mozilla FIrefox with future roadmap for safari and edge below are the download url.

Here are some classification of news type that are being filtered
  • Fake News: Sources that fabricate stories out of whole cloth with the intent of pranking the public.
  • Satire: Sources that provide humorous commentary on current events in the form of fake news.
  • Extreme Bias: Sources that traffic in political propaganda and gross distortions of fact.
  • Conspiracy Theory: Sources that are well-known promoters of kooky conspiracy theories.
  • Rumor Mill: Sources that traffic in rumors, innuendo, and unverified claims.
  • State News: Sources in repressive states operating under government sanction.
  • Junk Science: Sources that promote pseudoscience, metaphysics, naturalistic fallacies, and other scientifically dubious claims.
  • Hate Group: Sources that actively promote racism, misogyny, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination.
  • Clickbait: Sources that are aimed at generating online advertising revenue and rely on sensationalist headlines or eye-catching pictures.
  • Proceed With Caution: Sources that may be reliable but whose contents require further verification.


Chrome Plugin:

Mozilla Firefox:

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