BullsEye Radius - how to create user profile


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Important notice: Do not create any profile component, only profile components will be retained by our database. We will regularly purge profile components NOT created by admins, this will make your profile useless.

Profile Components and Profiles are two different things.
A profile, as it is called, contains the details for your users/vouchers including speed, time limits, data cap, number of users, among others.

To create a profile, follow these simple steps:

Click the profile icon on the left to open the profile tab, then click the profile sub-tab as shown in the image above;

Once in the profile sub-tab, click on the "+" icon to start creating your profile;

Define the ownership of your profile, in this case, choose/click "Logged in user." This indicates you are the owner of the profile, press next;

Provide a name for your profile, it is recommended to use a descriptive profile name relevant to the service you provide. Once done, press next;

After having your profile name specified, search for your newly created profile (step 1) and click the edit icon (step 2);

You can now provide the components for your profile, you can add them one at a time;
Note: each profile must have Speed, User, Time, and Execute components. If the component you wish to add is not on the list, message us.

Your profile is now ready to use.
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