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Cached Cached Cached! Cache Magic Cleaner App

The update from 10.1 to 10.3.3 last night freed up around 4GB siguro sa case ko and today I ran this app that I downloaded a while back, di ko maalala kung gumana nga to dati pero I think it did kasi di ko niremove, dame ko na na try na cache cleaner dati and pag di gumana, uninstall agad.


And boy was I surprised as it freed additional 4GB. I think what it does is it dumps dummy file in the memory, kasi kahit nasa 34GB pa yung free I got a capacity full error, similar method doon sa downloading the Cleopatra Movie trick except hindi sakin working yung Cleopatra since 30+ GB ang need pa punuin sa phone ko para mag linis.


Try nyo nalang itong app baka ok sa inyo. Kbye.
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