Characters in Zombie Shooter - Death Hospital


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There are at least 4 notable characters in Death Hospital that you meet right of the bat. And I’ll dedicate this post to introduce those characters to you!

The Journalist

You play as the journalist who lost a bet with his friends and ends up trapped in the abandoned hospital. This guy will go through the same things you will as you feel his pain and confusion.


The Unknown Creep
This is the guy that kidnapped you and lets you play this game. He wears a creepy mask and is skilled enough to drag you and other survivors to play his game with that stupid grin on his face, forever mocking you.


The Survivors

As your progress in the game, you learn that you are not alone and that there others like you suffering. They also come as beautiful women that you will be eager to save and that they will help you once you collected enough of them during the game.


The Zombies
The zombies in this game come in shapes and sizes, with or without protective gear, and are sometimes mutated. They come in numbers, and they will eat you and overwhelm you if you’re not smart enough. These guys can run, crawl, and jump at you depending on the stage you are in.




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