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    Discussion thread for all Cherry Mobile Flare S3 owners in Philippines, in here we can discuss about the following

    Store Prices
    - Retails prices from stores
    - Upcoming promotion sales
    - Phone giveaways

    Firmware and OS Updates
    - What are the current available os for

    Hardware Problems
    - Defective or broken parts
    - Parts replacement

    Support Experience
    - How to get in touch with support
    - Support experience may it be positive or negative

    - Why you like the phone any pro's and cons

    Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Specs and Info:
    • Android 4.4 Kitkat
    • 1.3 GHz Quad-Core (Mediatek)
    • 5" IPS OGS Display
    • 13MP AF, BSI support with LED Flash (Rear Cam) & 5MP (Front Cam)
    Stock ROM
    Cherry Mobile Flare 3 Stock ROM
    Stock Rom for v7- v11
    Stock Rom for v1.03

    Custom ROM
    MIUI 8.6.6 ROM | Home button fix | Flashlight fix (for v11 only)
    • Brand new design
    • Second space
    • Support for cloning most apps
    • Long screenshots
    • New Calculator
    • New scanner
    • Shortcut menu
    • Mi Lanting font
    • Support for speech-to-text output in Recorder
    • Special effects for video editing
    • New templates for Notes
    • Redesigned Task Manager
    • Redesigned Gallery
    • Smart menu for editing text
    • Wallpaper Carousel
    • All-new Battery saver
    • Recognition for fraudulent messages
    POPKAT V2 for FLARE S3 V1.03 | POPKAT V2 for FLARE S3 V7 – 11
    • Lollipop Launcher, Icons, Apps
    • Lollipop Toggles in notification panel
    • Floating Button in Modded MMS
    • Simple Battery Styles * Switchable (on/off) Netstats / Netspeed
    • Fluid animations all-throughout
    • Listview animations for eye-candy
    • Dolby Digital Plus (Super Loud Audio) for extreme music experience
    • No storage bug for single EBR firmware
    • No keyboard force close in landscape mode
    • Can receive / send apk via Bluetooth
    • Efficient RAM management
    • Already rooted with Kingroot
    • Root explorer working without bugs
    • Lollipop Easter egg
    Custom Recovery
    CWM for Flare S3
    TWRP for Flare S3

    You can post anything related with Cherry Mobile Flare S3 for other devices kindly go to
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