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Cherry Mobile Maia Fone i4 Philippines Thread Discussion

Discussion in 'Cherry Mobile' started by cherryph, Dec 20, 2016.

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    Dec 19, 2016
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    Discussion thread for all Cherry Mobile Maia Fone i4 owners in Philippines, in here we can discuss about the following

    Store Prices
    - Retails prices from stores
    - Upcoming promotion sales
    - Phone giveaways

    Firmware and OS Updates
    - What are the current available os for

    Hardware Problems
    - Defective or broken parts
    - Parts replacement

    Support Experience
    - How to get in touch with support
    - Support experience may it be positive or negative

    - Why you like the phone any pro's and cons

    Cherry Mobile Maia Fone i4 Specs and Info:
    • Android 4.4.0 Kitkat
    • Intel Atom X3 1GHz 64-bit
    • 4” Capacitive Screen
    • 4GB ROM | 512MB RAM
    • MicroSD up to 64GB
    • 2MP Rear | 0.3MP Front
    • Dual SIM
    • Wi-FI | HSPA +
    • 1350mAh
    You can post anything related with Cherry Mobile Maia Fone i4 for other devices kindly go to https://pinoytech.ph/categories/smart-phones-and-tablets.5/
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