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***New build in downloads section, Build 0120, Lineage 13 compiled by Audahadi***
***Changelog Lineage 0120: upstream update from Lineage team, VoLTE support added by Audahadi ***
No need to flash Camera Fix from build 1205

Must be on MM firmware vers 46 and up to unlock bootloader.
(If on Lollipop follow the procedure here to flash MM Beta: )

TWRP installed
Battery level 70% or greater.
(Refer to the Root MM in the pinned post for the TWRP flashing guide)
Can flash directly if you are on MiniMax ROM.

***Caution: Unlocking the bootloader, installing custom ROMs will void your warranty.***
***IMPORTANT: Do not let your battery drain completely because CM13 will not allow you to charge with the phone off, it will always turn itself on.***

Download the three files and save them on your memory card. Better if you install the MEGA App first from Google Play then sign in, then download.
  • Make a complete backup first to have a restore point in case something goes wrong with the install.
  • Boot the phone into TWRP.
  • Click wipe, then advanced wipe.
  • Select all except memory card.
  • Go back to the main menu and click install.
  • Navigate to the SD card and select the CM13 zip.
  • Install.
  • Boot the phone and complete the setup wizard.
  • Boot to TWRP.
  • Install GAPPS (Google Apps)
  • Boot the phone.
  • Go to Google Play and install the Asus Pixelmaster Camera App.
  • Run the app, it will give an error.
  • Boot into TWRP and flash the Camera Fix zip.
  • Boot the phone.
  • For succeeding updates, flash CM13 without wiping, just wipe cache/dalvik, then boot the phone.
To activate root in CM13: Go to Settings, About Phone and click repeatedly on Build number until Developer Options is unlocked.

Go to Developer Options and click on Root Access then select Apps and ADB.

Flashing Updates: When flashing updates to CM13, there is no need to do a full wipe. Just clear cache / dalvik cache in TWRP’s advanced wipe.

Big credits to the devs:
  • Audahadi, build development
  • Shadow, build development, Camera Fix
  • luk1337
  • luca020400
  • and to the 94 testers of the Telegram Group, big thumbs up
Lineage 13 build 0120:
***Flash latest SuperSU to enable root:
CM13 Version 23:!sUFlEbQQ!4mETwZ-gcajY4Gg7-daRM6Ta7XlscR9SrHeZJnn73WU
Update, Version 27:!hBtRwL7a!stIv463RZ6sa84fmg6DzwNSxg4jZBe7p23_e7yzwnIM

*make incall volume higher *reduce min cpu *audio fx still not fix * asus pixel cam still not fix *BFQ as default sched *add core control
Update, Version 1201 (djrichiem build):!sRVymZSK!e86ldImQfUpATp2mXzMMgSzay8g-yuETHuuf-scPw1A
**Thanks to Patrick Jon Gonzalez for helping me test this build**
*slight battery improvements
*UI improvements for smoothness
*pinch zoom fixed
*still need to flash Camera Fix if you want to use Pixelmaster
Update, Version 1201 Audahadi build:
*Fixed Audio FX
*Fixed Pixelcam Support
Update, version 1205:
***Upstream. CM13 updates integrated for ZenMax***
Update, version 1217:
***Changelog 1217: fixed few glitch with pixel cam, add few kernel patches from cm ***
Update Version 1226:
***Changelog: Upstream changes from CM source, probable fix on OTG bug***
Camera Fix:!JYEn0YqC!U5hgMq7DtgYsP6mgSi75LtTwvbL4HL46hKjc8-ZW99w

Mini Gapps:
(Select ARM64, Android 6, Mini, Micro, or Pico)
My Pico GAPPS:

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