Common PC errors with their Solutions


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Error No.1: Monitor led is blinking
Solution: Check all the connections like Monitor Cable, Data cables, RAM, Display Card, CPU Connections etc.

Error No.2: Continuous Three Beeps
Solution: Problem in RAM Connection.

Error No.3: Three Beeps (i.e. 1 long and 2 short)
Solution: Problem in Display Card Connection

Error No.4: Three long Beeps Period wise
Solution: Problem in BIOS or RAM

Error No.5: Continuous non-stop Beeping
Solution: Key Board Problem (i.e. some key is pressed for longer time)

Error No.6: NO display on the screen
Solution: Hard Disk cable connected wrongly.

Error No.7: Power led is off
Solution: Check main power cord; check S.M.P.S; check motherboard connection

Error No.8: Showing CMOS Error
Solution: Replace 3 Volt Battery of motherboard; set original setting manually; enter your search form terms, submit search form

Error No.9: Showing HDD error or Hard Disk Failure
Solution: Check power cord; Check connection of HDD; Check Data Cable; Check Hard Disk parameters in CMOS or Auto detecting setting partitions by Fdisk command, then format it to set track 0.

Error No.10: Mother Board hangs due to unstabilized power supply
Solution: Check S.M.P.S; RAM not functioning properly; Software problem i.e. using pirated software; CPU fan not functioning properly

Error No.11: Dancing Screen
Solution: Check display card connection; virus problem; video memory problem

Error No.12: Shaking Screen
Solution: Earthing problem; Magnetic waves comes around

Error No.13: CPU cabinet shock
Solution: Check Earthing; Check main power cord

Error No.14: Hard Disk making noise while processing
Solution: Unstabilized power supply; check for loose contact; do not use Y connectors for Hard Disk because it may create bad sector or weak Hard Disk.

Error No.15: Hard Disk hangs while processing
Solution: Check for bad sectors by using CHDISK or SCANDISK command. If found format the hard disk and set partition before that area. (Note: This is the only procedure to use hard disk with bad sector or to avoid bad sectors use standard power supply)

Error No.16: Hard Disk not detected
Solution: Check power connector; check Data cables; check jumpers

Error No.17: Partition not shown
Solution: Operating System where the Hard Disk formatted is not supported with present Mother Board

Error No.18: Windows Registry error
Solution: This will happen due to sudden ON/OFF of the system. Final solution is to Reinstall OS.

Error No.19: Display colour doesn’t match
Solution: Configure Display Card properly or reset the setting

Error No.20: Unknown Device found
Solution: Driver Utility may not be provided with OS. For this install driver for the device
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