Creating Yum Repositories to Install Package From Fedora Iso(Cd)


Pinoy Techie
if you have no internet connection or limited internet connectivity and you want to install package in your Linux box than this will help you out

in fedora dvd all most of the package (rpm) provided in it you can install package and it's dependences from fedora dvd.

1) login as root user


enter you pwd

2) insert fedora dvd in tray

find out the location where actual fedora dvd mount or located you can use mount command to find out location
here my fedora 16 dvd located or mounted in media folder

3) create a repo file

#cd /etc/yum.repo.d/

use your favourite editor to create a file
#vi fedora16iso.repo

and append following line

| [fedora16iso] |
| name=fedora16iso |
| baseurl=file:///media/Fedora\ 16\ i386\ DVD/ |
| enabled=1 |

4) now you can install package from the dvd using yum command :)

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