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    PLDT default password and username to gain admin access to modems or wifi they provide. This list will include all the possible admin password for PLDT Home Bro Ultera, PLDT Fibr, PLDTmyDSL, and PLDTHome.

    Basic Guide to find your Modem admin panel
    1. Open command prompt simply by pressing Windows + R on your keyboard or typing cmd on the windows start menu
    2. Once the command prompt is open type "ipconfig /all" this will display all connections on your computer.

      Note: if you are using multiple connections such as a combination of VPN, wifi, or LAN this will be displayed.

    3. Locate the adapter you are using if you are using below are the basic guide which one is for each device:
      • Wireless Lan Adapter, this is if you are using wifi to connect to the modem this is common for laptops.
      • Ethernet Adapter, this is primarily used for rj45 connected wired setup usually with a blue or gray wire.
    4. Now locate which one is connected to the PLDT router or modem
    5. Once you know which hardware is being used find the "Default Gateway" you will then see on the right side the IP address. Ex: 192.168.X.X
    6. Now go to your browser then input the Default Gateway value this should connect to your PLDT admin
    7. You will now be greeted by a login page where you will input the passwords for your services.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This will work on PLDT modems like Zyxel, Speedsursf, Huawei, Speedsurf, Kasda and other brands. If you need to change the password you may check this guide on how to change PLDT WIFI Password

    Default PLDT user admin account, this is the most basic and would usually work for all modem types regardless of plan.

    Username: admin
    Password: 1234


    PLDT myDSL Admin Account
    Username: adminpldt
    Password: 1234567890 or 0123456789


    PLDT Fibr Huawei

    User: telecomadmin
    Password: admintelecom

    Alternate PLDT Fibr Huawei
    Username: admin
    Password: admin

    PLDT Home Bro Ultera
    Username: homebro
    Password: homebro

    Note: PLDT Home Bro Ultera will need to be accessed via this IP if this doesn't work revert to our guide on how to detect the IP address.


    PLDT Home Bro Ultera OT-350 4G/LTE (White Version)
    Username: homeultera
    Password: homeultera

    Note: PLDT Home Bro Ultera will need to be accessed via this IP if this doesn't work revert to our guide on how to detect the IP address.

    PLDT Home Bro Ultera 4G/LTE (Black Version)
    Username: voip
    Password: 1234

    PLDT SpeedSurf 504AN
    Username: adminpldt
    Password: 1234567890

    For an extensive guide on how to get PLDT password using ssid you can check this tutorial on how to get pldt wifi passwords

    In case none of the methods works you can always contact the PLDT support team or visit the PLDT Forum, alternatively if you can talk to the technician to provide you a super admin account.

    The difference is the super admin account is used to bypass website restrictions that are commonly blocked by the ISP.

    For more questions kindly comment below so we can help each other out.
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