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This is a thread discussion for Elephant Metal Surface Wired Keyboard (KE-012-BLACK) owners or just want to know more about the keyboard. Lets make it civil and let the information sharing begin, below are the type of topics we can discuss upon the game:
  • Release Dates or availability
  • Price for pc (if any) and upcoming sales, bundles or promotions
  • Personal reviews and thoughts
  • Screenshots, promotional materials
  • and more Elephant Metal Surface Wired Keyboard (KE-012-BLACK) related

About the Keyboard:
Elephant KE-012 is a wired keyboard for windows and mac devices, it a brush metal design with anti finger print tiles. Its also claimed to be water resistant.

  • Quiet Keys Reduce 80% Noise
  • Laser Printed Keys
  • Durable Keys that can last up to 5 Million Keystrokes
  • Bold & Clear Key Characters
  • Metal Surface Design Keyboard
  • Plug & Play USB Connection
  • 1.5 meter USB Cable with cap
Source: elephant.ne.jp/ShowKeyboard2.php

Additional Photos:

Availability: Product is now available through local retailers

Pricing / Estimates: 395.00 Php

Note: Price and release date of the product may change anytime so dont be shy on sharing additional information of the game.

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