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Curious partners? Naughty Kids? Phone privacy? AppLock will help you. Nowadays, we are living in a world full of passwords. They keep our property safe. Passwords for bank cards, game account etc. Apps need a password too. AppLock by EosMobi will help you.


AppLock may be reliable safeguard to guard and secure your applications and personal chats from WhatsApp, Messenger, Line, WeChat, SMS, and Facebook etc. It conjointly helps to lock your photos, videos and provides stronger protection for your Android devices.

Now you’ll have a sigh of relief and not worry about:

*Girlfriend/boyfriend making attempts to snoop around your messages once you are in a shower

*Parents/kids inquisitive about your Gallery or Facebook status

*Colleagues accidentally see your private pictures/videos once you allow them to use your phone

What do AppLock do?

*Easily & quickly lock/unlock your apps, messages, a less complicated thanks to defend your privacy

*Keep your personal videos, pictures hidden and guarded, double secure your Gallery and privacy


Features of AppLock include:

*Brand new user interface--simpler, sleeker, more intuitive and easier to use

*Lock apps to prevent others from unauthorized access private data

*Lock Settings to prevent misuse of the phone to change the system setting

*Privacy lock, to prevent others from seeing your pictures in Gallery or hot videos and other sensitive privacy apps

*PIN Lock: random keyboard. Much safer to lock apps

*Pattern Lock: simple and fresh interface, unlock easier

*Lock any apps using PIN or Pattern Lock

Overall Value:

Overall, AppLock is a pretty solid security app that can do anything it promises. It is available to download from Google Play Store.

Try it now:


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