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Legend Guardians: Epic Heroes - RPG Game Offline


Link Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unimob.legend.guardians

Legend Guardians is a role-playing and action game where you play as a legendary group of heroes who have to protect the king from dark forces. Luckily, these heroes are ready for whatever challenge comes their way. Gameplay in Legend Guardians is very simple

With your left thumb, you can move your character, while with your right thumb, you can attack and use special abilities. You can also switch characters whenever you want, or, if you prefer, you can activate an automatic mode. When you start playing, you'll only have one character available: the knight. But as you advance in the game and beat levels, you'll unlock many other characters, including the archer, the assassin, and the warrior, each with their own abilities.

Legend Guardians is an excellent combination of role-playing and action with more than 100 missions, various game modes, and enchanting graphics. It's a super fun game that you can play both online and off.

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