Fix Could not create a Preboot Volume for APFS install


Pinoy Techie
I had this issue and googled to solve it and found this

1.First don't try to install macOS High Sierra again.

2.Delete your drive until you have no drive.
To do this, power off your Mac and then hold command + R and boot up your Mac. This will open a “ macOS Utilities ” .

3.Select the " Disk Utility " option.
Then delete your drive in disk utility by clicking the minus button on the top right .

4.Shut down the Mac .

5.Then enter internet recovery mode by repeating the process though this time adding option and then command + R.

6.Click on "Disk Utility " option and format the disk as format type " OS X Extended (Journaled) " and Scheme " GUID Partition Map".

7.Then return back to macOS Utilities and click on the " Reinstall macOS " option.


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