Fix Google Apps connot Connect to the internet


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1. Always Smile
2. Unlock your Developer Options
-Settings>About>Software Information>Build number (x7)
3. Go to Developer Options and allow USB Debugging
- Settings>Developer Options>USB debugging
4. Root Your Device ( Watch in Youtube )
5. Install Root Explorer and Notepad from the Internet since you cant connect to google play store
6. Open Root Explorer
7. Grant or Allow the app from Root
8. Navigate the HOST
scroll down until you find the host
9. Open the host as TEXT using Notepad

- you will see the following text localhost

Now lets fix it....

Option 1: localhost
(DELETE THIS ) ( Delete this )

Option 2: localhost
#copy this and paste it
## “#” is a command to exclude the line

Enjoy your Google Life to your mobile device
don’t forget to help other people wag nyo pagkakitahan just help...

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