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I just want to share with you all the vpn that I use for surfing and downloading to personal computers or laptops. Easiest way to use the VPN for PC, and come in handy. This tutorial is free to all networks and will update the Proxies from time to time.

Step 1: First of all you will need an Internet temporary connection to download certain files, if you don't have any internet connection at home before doing this I highly suggest going to the nearest Internet cafe shop and bring a USB flash drive with you. We provided a link of the VPN tool to be used below.
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Step 2: After downloading the file be sure to Register on for the account server to be used. Please do remember what country you have registered because this will be very important on the next steps.

Step 3: Extract the folder and run the application as Administrator.


Step 4: Choose your SIMCARD and find the appropriate IP for VPN of your sim, the most common IP used is 10.11/11.88 or go to Command Prompt and type IPCONFIG look for the IPv4 address mine is 192.168.

Step 5: Now fill the required fields for Login, going back to Step 2 put the registered Username and Password on the Login form and click Save, Don't forget the country on which you have Registered the account. For example I have chosen ASIA > SG 1 Server.

Step 6: Now click the start button and Logs to see if you are being connected. When the connection is now established you can now enjoy Free Surfing, Enjoy!.

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