Freenet Globe TM TnT August

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    Evening bonus August for Globe tm smart tnt sun
    No load no gs in selected area
    • Fast and stable ehi low ping
    • Good for allnetwork
    • Mobile legends
    • Youtube
    • Facebook
    Smart globe tm no load in selected area
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    Globetm sun tnt ehi

    Smart globe tm tnt sun lifetime
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    Globetm sun tnt ehi

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Pag ayaw po use promo sa area nyo
    Gs50 gtm = 3.2 gb data allocation or redeem fb1d to 4438 at sun tu50 tnt sc30 promo tm highactive30 to 8080 (7 days unli call and text 500 mb per day) ( allnetwork)

    Kahit thank you lang po at feddback ?? 2-3x a day po update natin para di siksikan sa servers
    How to download? Click link scroll down wait 15 sec click download check the box and answer captcha.
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    sayang naman gusto ko sana magtry nong mga injector kaso di pa po kami makaview sa link, wla bang pang newbie dito na makadownload nang mga link? but anyway thanks sa post