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How to change Title
Syncexp.exe > Interface - Rename/Set up name at the Title box.
How to change size/color/font?
FaceEdit > Color and Other Settings - Title bar text color <applicable> font/size <don't sure if applicable>


Tips how to change logo
edit 1.png pero wag nyong alisin yung gray line kasi it belongs to the title.

To change Groups
Syncexp.exe > Groups - lagay muna sa box ung title pag Add and Rename highlight if delete
To change color bg, and fonts
FaceEdit > Color and Other Settings - sa Grouping yata or List View mo ieedit

To change buttons
Add skin / Display / Search
Syncexp.exe > Buttons - Check or Uncheck lang
to change color size and font
FaceEdit > Color and Other Settings - Independent Button

To change color
kasama na ata sa List View Text color pero unchangeable ata yung fonts.

tips sa background
para hindi paulit ulit or nagalaw yung pic everytime you maximize or minimize
Syncexp.exe > Interface tapos click Background and set to STRETCH.

How to put text dun sa pinakababa yung umiikot xD
Syncexp.exe > Interface
lagay mo yung text mo dun sa Bulletin box and wag mo na i click yung Bulletin font, hindi po napapalitan dyan (TS pa edit nito sa first page)
Bulletin font and color
sa Faceedit.exe > Color and Other Settings > Bar Announcement

-sa mga Hindi makita yung font sa Faceedit.exe just maximize the window
-i haven't tried the banner

(Credit to darklordjed)
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