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We at Bountie believe that there is nothing wrong with living a gamer life; and it is best for every gamer to now be able to earn a living while doing their favorite job.

The Gaming industry consists of 30% of the World’s population, or approximately 392x of Singapore’s population. Global revenue from the Gaming industry rose from $194 million to $463 million between 2014 and 2016. That’s an impressive 239% growth rate, and there are neither signs of this slowing down nor is the market near saturation yet. However, that is only a tip of the iceberg with the motivation to have Bountie around.

Bountie wants to create a Gaming Ecosystem that revolves around the Gamers, Partners and Bountie.

Gamers on Bountie will be able to take part in 24/7 online tournaments, and earn cash money while doing so. Partners, refer to Computer Hardware companies such as Razer, MSi, Dell’s Alienware and also game developers like Bluehole Studio Inc (For PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) & Valve Corporation (For Counterstrike & Dota 2).

Hardware companies would be able to sell their products online and offiline via Bountie‘s platforms to Gamers. Bountie also operates sweepstakes and tournaments that allow Gamers to win products. Bountie will also work closely with partners to gather feedback on products or games, create in-house content around them and help them to publicise to our targeted group of Gamers.

Thus, creating an Ecosystem where everybody needs everybody and a strong network effect that strengthens as we scale.

Sign up for the beta test when it's released here:

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