Give These Zombies A Break [Bug Report]


Whenever I am alone in my house, bored on the trip, or have some free time I would play Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital to make myself feel better. 'Di ako makapaniwala na madami-dami na rin naglalaro nito.

I would laugh at how those generated zombies walk


How they run


How they stumble



In place 27, no one came. Not even a single zombie hair is in this section of the hospital. WHAT’S GOING ON?! :eek:

Even the zombie counter showed 0… this is a funny bug in the game! :D don't worry! I already saw some reviews concerning about this issue, I hope they will update very soon.

I guess I’m all alone.:oops:



I can't help but feel concerned :(

Are these zombies getting paid for their job to scare people? Are they tired from getting killed by me?

I respect these hardworking zombies, sorry for making a joke out of you guys.

Baby, come back, any kind of fool could see. There was something in everything about you~

*crying emoji* I want to get hugged by helmet zombie and kissed by big zombie guy again. *crying emoji*

#RespectZombies #Comeback

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