Globe Claims Fake Unlimited Internet

Noah Erif

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So the family will be switching to Globe, who claims "unlimited" but it's still behind fair use (Limit of 500/800 mb a day) As someone who came from an unliprovider (Sky), this is making me nervous about playing FFXIV.

I know patches are 1-2-4 GB per update, and for someone who's raiding in a sHC static- gametime goes beyond 4 hours (not including extra time to craft/farm EX primals/ cap etc) and Discord is being used-- that means having to use already 200+MB if i am not mistaken

Is there anyone else here who's playing the game under a fair use internet provider? How do you deal with things? This is going to be my first time playing under such a limit so I am very nervous and have a vague picture on how "bad" the limit will affect my gameplay.

Any comments?
Kinakabahan ako kasi kasasali ko lang sa UwU static at nasa Ultima na kami- tapos mag HC kami para sa 4.4 so... these things are a concern and people in NA couldn't understand the internet situation here

(PLDT is another choice, but I don't entirely trust PLDT. I trust Globe better)

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