Globe Free Internet Postern Android Tutorial


Globe and Touch Mobile free internet trick with Philippines IP address using Postern

Working on Pocket Wifi just CDC until you get WAN IP address
IP Range: or and up
Alternative Proxy Servers: | |

  • HTTP Injector
  • Postern
HTTP Injector IP Hunting Guide
  1. Download and Install the latest app from the play store
  2. Open the application
  3. Select Tools

  4. Click IP Hunter

  5. Add this values 10.;100.118;100.119;100.120;100.121

  6. Wait for results
Postern Guide
  1. Download and Install Postern
  2. Open the application
  3. Select add proxy

  4. Change the values to the following
    Server Name: Proxy
    Server Address:
    Server Port: 80
    Server Type: https/http connect

  5. Save

  6. Now go to Rules

  7. Double click

  8. Change the value to the following
    Match Method: Match All
    Rule: Proxy / Tunnel
    Proxy / Proxy Group: proxy -

  9. Save

  10. Test and Enjoy
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