Globe Switch SG Server and Germany Server


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Update tayo mga idol....araw araw akong magupdate ng ehi ninyo para masiyahan kayo mga idol...try ninyo sa ibang network

Thank you lang at like OK na sa akin yon
  • 1 month and 7days ehi mga idol
  • Singapore and france SERVERS
  • Good for all Sites like
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • COC
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • No Need load but need promo
  • GTM try other network
  • Globe Switch if meron
  • Redeem the rewards
  • No Torrent
  • Wait lang hanggang sa magconnect

Click the Link and Download

1 month
1monthdado13.1 Singapore server1
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1monthdado13.2 Singapore server2


Germany server dado13.1

Germany server dado13.2

Germany server dado13.3

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