Guide for unbrick Lenovo A328


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Guide for unbricking Lenovo A328 (Repair tutorial for bootloop device/flashing stock firmware using SPFT-Smartphone Flashtool)

Note: Make sure you have sufficient knowledge in installing software device driver and in using flashing tool and a normal blood pressure. :)

Requirements: (Download the following files)

SPFT 5.1
Lenovo A328 Stock Firmware (Sign up needed.)
Lenovo USB Driver
Mtk65xx Preloader Driver or Android CDC Driver

A Functioning USB Data Cable
A normal functioning brain and a pure patience. :p

Step 1.(Installing Drivers)
Extract this files to the desktop and install them.
Lenovo USB Driver,Mtk65xx Preloder Driver and Android CDC Driver.
To Install Lenovo USB Driver normally by running the exe setup for it. For instruction in installing Android CDC Drivers And Mtk65xx Preloader Click here.

Step 2.
Extract Lenovo A328 Stock Firmware and SPFT PORTABLE Version 5, extract them in desktop.Now check the extracted Lenovo A328 Firmware folder you will see a text file named Mtk6582 scatter file -remember it you will need it in the next step.

Step 3. (You can view Screen Shots Here.)
Run SPFT, now click load scatter file button then navigate to the scatter file that mentioned in step 2, it will load the necessary file to revive your Lenovo A328 -just wait for it- if you are using a custom recovery and you want to keep it you can unchecked the recovery.img file to prevent SPFT to replace it with stock recovery.

Step 4.
Remove your phone's battery and hit download button and connect your device to your computer while holding the volume up button, (SPFT will recognized your device automatically if you installed correctly the required drivers) now look at the bottom part of SPFT window program you will notice a yellow bar filling it up, wait untill it finish it will took 2-3 hrs depending on your computer spec's.

Step 5.
If you see a dialog box with a big OK on it you can remove your device then insert battery and boot it up by pressing and holding power button until you feel a vibrate release it and hold simultaneously volume up and down buttons, it will boot your device in recovery then reboot your device from there. The booting time will take a few minutes.

Step 6.
Throw a party in your house you are now a technician. :p whahahahahahaha lol

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