Guide on Optimizing Your Ios Devices


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Hi! This is a guide on optimizing your ios devices at top performance and improved battery. Try out this tricks and feel the difference. Below are screenshots for clearer reference.

1. Turn on Airplane Mode
- if you are in an isolated area and hirap ang signal, or wala kang katext or katawag better turning it off

2. Turn off Notifications for Apps
- this will save battery, just turn on notifs dun sa mga apps na you need the most. Simply go to Settings>Notifications>Choose apps to turn off

3. Turn off Spotlight Search
- this prevents system to search deeper onto apps. Go to Settings>General>Spotlight Search>Turn off all

4. Turn on Low Power Mode everytime
- this includes mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads and other visual effects. Simply Go to Settings>Low Power Mode

5. Turn on Reduce Transparency
-this helps a lot removing lags (if there are). Go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Increase Contrast

/*I didnt include Reduce Motion because its animation is---although smooth but longer which causes delay*/

6. Enable restrictions and disable several apps
- this will help remove some apps. Go to Settings>General>Restrictions> enable it and disable several apps as shown on the screenshot

7. Reduce brightness
- Basic battery saving trick. Toggle control center and slide left

8. Turn off Location Services
- Turning off GPS. Saves battery a lot. Go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services> turn off

9. Log Out your Apple ID
- if you are not backing up files and you are turning off find iphone. Log out it out because it syncs to apple server quite some time

10. Do not remove apps from recents
- this helps because the app stays on memory so when opened the cpu wont open it again instead it reloads

11. Last clear out ram when your phone feels laggish
- simply hold power button until "slide to power off" pops up, hold home button for about 10 seconds or more until you go back to your home screen.

Thanks for reading and please give feedback on this guide for further improvements. If you still have some other tricks for ios optimization please comment it below so we can try it and add it on this post. Enjoy!

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