Guide to Build WiFi Vendo Machine


We are not responsible for any hardware damage caused during the assembly. Do it at your own risk.

  • Admin defined rates
  • Voucher system
  • Coin operated
  • Track sales via email
  • Fully automated, less maintenance
  • No username and password, no printer/paperless
  • Admin defined bandwidth management per user
  • Designed to be compatible with any wifi network bridge
    and repeaters
  • Simple and easy to use
  • License no expiration
*Requirements: *
  • Orange Pi One with official power supply
  • 16gb SD Card (Sandisk Ultra Class10 recommended)
  • Multi Coin slot
  • 12v DC Power Supply
  • Outdoor/Indoor Access Point that supports Bridge Mode with DHCP disabled
  • USB to RJ45 Network Adapter
  • 2 pcs Network Patch Cords (Cat5e/Cat6)
  • Fiber Internet Connection (Recommended)
For Raspberry Pi Board Please Click the Contact Support
Contact Support
*How to write the image to your SD Card? *
  1. Download the image at Software Image for Orange Pi One and Raspberry Pi
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Write the image to your SD Card using the software Win32 Disk Imager (can be downloaded at
  4. Prepare your coffee while waiting for the writing process to complete.
  5. Install the SD Card to your Raspberry Pi and start booting
  • How to configure the Vendo? *
Two ways to configure the admin.
Using Wifi Network
1a. Connect your computer/mobile device to your vendo wifi network
2a. Using your browser open http://admin.localnet. Login default password = admin
How to activate my product?
  1. Login to admin.localnet
  2. Open http://admin.localnet/settings/ and copy the Activation Code at the bottom of the page
  3. Send the Activation Code to our Live Support and wait for a customer support to contact you
*How to use the Vendo? *
  1. Connect to Vendo Wifi network and wait for the popup window (Portal Page) to show. For older phone models, please type in your browser.
  2. Press “Insert Coin” button.
  3. Wait for the beeping sound from your phone or the green light located on the coinbox and begin inserting your coins.
  4. When done, press “Done Paying” button and enjoy the unlimited wifi service

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