Guides in Managing Your Small PC Shop / Pisonet


Recommended for:
  • Traditional Setup /Non-Diskless Setup
  • Low Bandwidth/ Capped/ Non -FIBR Internet Plan
  • Low to Medium Specs / entry level specs PC Units

A . ) For Bandwidth Management:
1. Check your Internet Speed

Example : (for 10 Mbps connection and with 10 PC Units)
  • 10 Mbps = 10,000 kbps
  • 10,000 kpbs / 8 = 1,250 kB/sec is your total actual download speed.
    Note: always divide by 8 to get your TOTAL ACTUAL Download Speed.
  • 1,250 kB / ( ur number of clients) e.g is 10 units
  • 125 kb download speed limit per client for 10 units.
    Note: Mas maganda wag isagad kasi consider mo din na minsan nagloloko si internet natin so pwedeng gawing 100 kb for Download Limit.
  • as for upload speed, just put 20kb upload limit per client. You can just increase it if you have better connection
Using NetLimiter 3 PRO : ( as per request ng ibang humihingi ng link )

  1. Install
  2. Restart
  3. Register the product ( Code given on notepad attached)
  4. Done.
Note:Browser is set to 50kb Download and Upload for 10. Its enough for a weaker connection to avoid online games from high ping when both are launched. This option is a must kapag 10 Mbps and below ang internet speed mo.

Set also "Host Process" to 5kb limit for DL/UL ( NEEDED!)

For Online Games, they dont need to be throttled down as long as yung nasa pinakataas naka set to limit the entire PC.

Online games such as LoL/PB/PUBGLITE which has GARENA... limit garena to 30~40 kb DL and 5kb UL..
May time kasing naguupdate sila while the software is running. You can update it later ( uncheck limit ) then check limit after updating then deep freeze ( if using).

B. ) For System Load Management ( CPU, Memory, and Diskload )

NOTE: IDEAL for Units na Dual Core.

1. Using Anvir Task Manager FREE
2. Link :

  1. After downloading and extracting. Run Anvir.
  2. Go to TOOLS> OPTIONS >Properties
  3. Check "Load Anvir Task Manager " and " Replace Windows Task Manager ".
  4. Go to Performance > Balance CPU Utilization
  5. Then Check the box " Reduce the Priority Limit " . Nevermind the other setup just leave them as it is. Or you may set 90%-90%-5%.
  6. Hit/Click OK. DONE.

Ang silbi nito ay para hindi mag 90%~100% ang CPU Usage na syang dahilan ng FPS DROP MOST sa online games.

You can EDIT the values sa gusto mo.

B.1 ) Using Anvir Task Manager for Memory / RAM Usage Optimization.

  1. Run Anvir.
  2. Go to TOOLS > OPTIONS > Properties
  3. Below "Balance CPU Utilization" makikita mo yung ... "OPTIMIZE MEMORY"...
  4. Check nyo yung BOX ng OPTIMIZE MEMORY.
  5. Set from "15 minutes" to "1 minute" and "50MB" to "1000 MB"
  6. Click OK. DONE.

So ang silbi nito, i-rerefresh nya yung memory usage ( RAM usage) sa PC mo lalo na yung Browser like google chrome, and games or any applications na currently in used, na habang tumatagal pataas ng pataas yung Memory/RAM consumption.

C. ) Now kapag ayaw mo ng NetLimiter, at may PC Unit kang laging naka ON, pwede mong gawing pang Limit ito.

Take Note: After downloading and extracting, hanapin yung "Redist" folder and install everything na andun. Then Run SelfishNet for Windows 7.

Software : SelfishNet v2 ( Working ) W7 64bit ONLY.
Link :
D. Kapag ayaw mo pinapakealaman ang settings mo sa Task Icons mo ... Pwede mong i-hide using this software.

  1. Make sure na nasa desktop yung file para madali mong mahanapan kapag may i-eedit kang configuration sa mga task icons mo.
  2. So once ma extract mo sya gawin mo ulit syang RAR BUT WITH PASSWORD. At ilagay mo sa desktop mo para anytime magagamit mo sya at hindi nila mapapakealaman kasi may password. Provided na naka Deep Freeze ka para hindi madelete.
  3. Hide mo muna before Deep Freeze .

E. ) For Client Monitoring
Software : Classroom Spy PRO

  • sa software na ito, may options if its for client or server installer/installation.
  • need mo lagyan ang mga clients ng ganito.. para maview sa server..


  1. you can view your clients desktop activities
  2. Shutdown clients remotely
  3. Chat them by popping a message on their desktop Lalo na kung maingay sila, hindi maaalis message until hindi mo clinose yung chatbox nyo hehehe.
  4. madami pa..explore lang.
  5. Youtube for guides.

F. ) IDM ( Internet Download Manager )

G. ) Deep Freeze 7.0
Link : (UPDATED - may nagrereport epal )
(Updated AGAIN- may nagrereport nanaman 2/23/2019)

H. ) Voicemod for trolling in online game chats a.k.a voice changer .
Link :

I. ) Re-enable - kapag na didisable and taskmanager/cmd/ etc etc.

J. ) For traditional setup online game patching in 1 pc.
Use: FreeFileSync

NOTE: Before using FreeFileSync, dapat naka enabled pala yung LAN SHARING NYO for EACH PC CLIENT, ( See the Video for tutorial ).

How: (after installing)
1. Update the game.
2. Locate the game folder using FFS. Lets call this "Origin/Source Folder". THE GAME MUST BE UPDATED BEFORE PERFORMING SYNCHRONIZATION.

Example : "Rules of Survival" folder in PC 1

3. Locate the same game folder sa inyong client pc network using FFS... lets call this "destination folder"

Example : "Rules of Survival" folder in PC 2

4. Click COMPARE sa FreeFileSync.
5. Press F8 and change the synchronization process from "two way" to "MIRROR". Then press OK.
6. Press F9 to start synchronization.
7. Wait till its finished..
8. Patch done.

NOTE: Pwede nyo i-save yung process and save the command in a folder para cliclick nlng pag mag update.

K. ) To speedup your Rules of Suŕvival sa loading.
  1. Open Google Chrome, go to settings.
  2. Adv. Settings then Open proxy settings.
  3. Click LAN SETTINGS..
  4. Uncheck all boxes.
  5. Done.
  6. Now right click your ROS, theb properties.
  7. Go to compatibility, if u are using windows 7, then select W7.
  8. Check the box for "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR".
  9. above "run as administrator", you will see other options.
  10. Check the last 3 boxes esp. those with "Disable".
  11. Apply/Done.

Recommended for Traditional Setup with GIGABIT SWITCH HUB for FASTER TRANSFER RATE of FILES.

2/23/2019 : Updated again with FreeFileSync Tutorial + ENABLING of LAN SHARING for FFS to WORK.
( sorry if magulo akong mag demo ulit hiyaa si aquh ahaha )

2/23/2019 : 2nd video for saving the patch process para click-click nlng kapag mag uupdate at hindi na magmamano manong hinahanap mga folders.

Mention me if may non-working links or issue sa file para ma-reupload ko agad agad para sa mga nangangailangan pero be patient kasi 200kbps lang upload speed ko ahahaha

Your Welcome.


TIPS for Anti-Lag : Tipid TIps

Lan Connection Control Bandwith (Desktop/PC) : Netlimiter
Wlan (wifi) Control Bandwith (Mobile/tablet/etc) : QOS
Light OS (for no light os - monitor your bandthwith eater process)

Tips po para sa mga ka Piso para ma iwasan yung problema sa ROS like: missing files dahilan kaya not responding at di makapagpatuloy sa update,,,at iba pa,, minsan delete ko nlng OLD ROS files ko copy sa ibang PC na gumagana ang ROS,,dahilan po nyan virus galing sa Cheats..soo may paraan dyan para maiwasan,,lahat ng nag dadwonloads ng cheats nasa download folder ito makikita,, ang download folder ai kasama sa DRIVE C: na sya ang my hawak sa system ng pc,, kapag my virus at doon naka save sa download folder ang cheats,, apektado si system Drive C: so kaylangan natin e-Freeze si Drive C:, Oo pwedy po mag Freeze na si Drive c: lang para di apektado sa update yung ibang online games natin,, sa drive D: DL nyo lang Si Shadow Defender ,, gawan nyo lang ng Password tyak di kakayanin ng powers ni tomer yan hahaha,, kau na ,, bahala,, shared ko nlng tips ko sa shop ko,, ,,para sa traditional setup lng po ito,, salamat admin!

Minsan po gumagana yung ibang ROS kung DL mo uli or delete mo yung ".dll" file extension,,etc.. pero mangyayari parin nya kung my cheaters sa inyu,,

PM me nlng para ma send ko nlng link sa inyo bawal dito..

sana makatulong,, PM me nlng kung my ibang tanong bc po ako ,minsan eh,,
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