Hackintosh to a Hp Probook 4540s I5-3230m


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I started off with UniBeast, which I thought would be the best solution. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t even get past the line prevent idle sleep list: IODisplayWrangler+ (1) and see the installer.

So, I consulted a fellow (and much more experienced) hackintosher in the group and I was suggested to use createinstallmedia approach instead.

So, I did that and after booting off, I couldn’t believe my eyes because Clover screen was in front of me! However,

I got a few kernel panics and keyboard and mouse weren’t working so I was suggested to copy VoodooPS2Controller.kext along with FakeSMC.kext, NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, USBInjectAll.kext (necessary to make USB ports wotk) to EFI > CLOVER > kexts > Other folder in the USB.

Which partition to mount

I again booted off USB verbosely (-v) then it took about a minute or two for the installer to appear. The process went on smoothly and about 15 minutes later, my hackintosh was ready
:) However, WiFi wasn’t working. because I found out my WiFi card was a Ralink which wasn’t supported in macOS.

I replaced it with an Atheros. Wifi wasn’t still working. I got a little more help here. Another fellow hackintosher was kind enough to share his hacked IO80211.kext (which can be found at
) and I installed it to /System/Library/Extensions using KextWizard. When I rebooted, Wi-Fi was working.

And kids, that’s how I got my hackintosh.
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