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Possible to kahit sa smart sa mga bagong iPhone eto mga process:
  1. Be ready with the IMEI of the iPhone. You can see by dialing *#06# or tapping Settings>General>About and scroll down for the IMEI.
  2. Contact Globe thru the channels: Twitter @talk2Globe; Email: [email protected]; Hotline: 211 and follow through the voice prompt until you're connected to an agent.
  3. Provide your IMEI and once your account is verified, write your reference number for future use.
  4. Once your request has been processed, the agent will tell you to wait for five (5) days for the processing. Usually, when account verification has no issue, an agent will call you 2-3 days informing you that the unlocking has been processed.
  5. Once unlocked, complete the unlocking process by backing up and restoring your iPhone using iTunes.
Note that this unlocking is for Globe issued iPhones only. It is FREE. This may be subject to change without notice.


Globe is now unlocking out-of-contract iPhones

Good news to owners of Globe-issued iPhones. Globe is now offering official iPhone unlocks for eligible customers. Unlocking an iPhone allows the user to use a SIM card from another network and could be particularly useful if travelling abroad, or if the user decides to give or sell the device.

To be eligible, the device must be out of contract and that you still have an active account with Globe. The account owner where the device was originally tagged must be the one who initiate an unlock request.

Customers who need to unlock their iPhone should get in touch with Globe thru their hotline (730-1000 or 211) or live chat representatives. If eligible, a customer will be given a reference number for the unlock request and will have to wait for 5 days. Samsung devices are also supported.

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