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Hotel Reservation With Billing and SMS Notification

Nowadays, computers offer a wide range of functions and services, and that are most commonly used in businesses or other large establishments. Various systems and programs are created in which it can improve the computer’s performance, and allow ease of use for the user. A computer system includes the computer along with any software and peripheral devices that are necessary to make the computer function.

A motel is a place that provides paid lodging and is sometimes referred to as a smaller version of a hotel. The provision of basic accommodation in the past, that consists of only a room with a bed, a cupboard, a small table, and a washstand has been largely replaced with rooms fixated with modern facilities, including en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning. The cost and quality of motels are usually indicative of the range and type of services available.

Motels are independently assessed in traditional systems and rely heavily on the facilities provided, but with technology’s improvement through time, motels are able to implement software to their system. It helps in performing tasks in an easy way with less time consumed. Some companies are fully automated while the others are converting to using automation to help in their business.

Computer programmers can develop applications like computer systems that everyone can use. They make programs that users can easily use or understand. The advent of new technology gave rise to the easy and hassle-free interaction between transactions and among humans. Whether in business, science, or simple tasks, a person takes the quality and the speed of carrying it out are enhanced with automation at the core of this efficient today. Many systems have used an automation process like using a computer system, due to its efficiency and accuracy.

A motel reservation system is a transaction processing system that has more advantages than using the manual motel reservation. The system created by the developers is to serve the Amethyst Econotel found in Balibago Complex, Santa Rosa, Laguna. The system aims to prove the institute a more efficient way of creating reports of past transactions and manage the motel’s overall room, reservation, and notification system.


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