How does SLAM tech work?


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The term "SLAM" stands for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. This is a technology that allows a robot to build a virtual environment map. Through doing so, the robot is able to completely align itself when within the map.
It should also be able to do this in real-time, but this is not a simple job. While the technology currently being used is at the frontiers of technical design and research, there are still a lot of obstacles to address.
So how does SLAM tech work?
Slam technology is being developed to solve the egg-and-chicken problem. How's it going to do this? The SLAM tech is able to create a pre-existing environment map using GPS data. The map will be refined as soon as the robot begins moving around.
Precision is the biggest challenge facing the SLAM tech. Interaction is possible in a vehicle without a human driver; you can only imagine how important this will be. Measurements should always be made when the robot or the vehicle is moving around.
The tech is also designed to record the "noise" caused by the robot's movement. This also takes into account any inaccurate details provided in the pre-existing map. Simply put, SLAM technology relies heavily on mathematics and estimation.
Applying SLAM technology in the automotive industry, we can expect "futuristic cars" besides electric cars that seem to be very modern on the market like Tesla or other high-end cars from BMW or Audi.
If you have any concern about SLAM technology, feel free to comment below :D
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