How Google can beat Facebook in Social Media


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Daily use of Facebook made me realize how Google can take dominance in social media, first how Facebook now works annoyingly there less content updates but more of advertisers or publisher post being shared relentlessly.

So based from this idea thats how Google can catch up, they need to ditch the feeling lucky or how google plus works instead create and application that servers articles based from users day to day interest.


Here are some features they can apply in the application:

Trending Articles
Google will load all pages that are trending base from say site traffic, engagement and likes similar with Facebook updates it will just be a continuous articles. So

User Engagement
Similar to Facebook users have the ability to engage on this articles by adding likes and comments this will then add to the overall weight of the site making it more likely to visible on trends.

Targeted Audience
In order to less dilute the updates Google will target the audience based from their interest and region.

Sponsored content will be common same to how Facebook easily implements it. They will be targeted and base from users interest.

Articles can be viewed by category for if you want specific trending article.

Why would this work? people are getting lazy instead of them looking for what they want they want it being served based from their interest. Google technically have those data and can increase engagement this will also benefit site owners besides search traffic this will additionally stack to their exposure. This will be greatly supported by site owners since it will benefit them as well.

I would have made this application if i have a daily traffic data of websites and Youtube content of google so its less doable.

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