How To Change Application's Icon


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How To Change Application's Icon
  • Requirements :
  • ApkEditor apk
  • X-plore file manager apk
  • Your .png icon

1. Open X-plore file manager
In Left Window Of X-plore file manager

2. In /sdcard/ search the app you want to change it's icon

3. Tap and hold it and choose Open APK as ZIP

4. Click res

5. In all folders with drawable and mipmap on its name
example :
and so on..........

Search the icon of the app. Its commonly named icon.png or ic_launcher.png etc....If the app's icon name is icon.png, replace all icon.png in all drawable and or mipmap folders with your .png icon
In Right Window Of X-plore file manager

6. In /sdcard/ search your .png icon and rename it exactly the same at the name of the app icon in left window

7. Tap and hold it and copy and replace it to all app icons in drawable and or mipmap folders, it will ask to overwrite just click yes

8. When your done replacing the icons, exit X-plore file manager and open ApkEditor

9. In /sdcard/ search the app, tap and hold it then choose Optimize and Sign

10. Tap and hold the signed copy then install

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